Founded by Punit Anand, Luxury Pop was started with her love to curate and create a niche secondary market to fill the gap between luxury and affordability. She has worked hard to create this platform since 2016 for resellers to upcycle their unused luxury fashion. Her responsibilities include product authentication and marketing driven by her passion to provide the best online shopping experience for designer brands.

Favourite Luxury Item – ‘Chanel Boy Bag’ is my current favourite.


Started in 2016, Luxurypop is an online re-commerce website to Buy and Sell Pre-owned Authentic Luxury brands with absolute confidentiality. It’s a luxury recycle chain which also helps to conserve the environment.

Everyone wants to own a designer item at some point or the other, but doesn’t give them much thought owing to their exorbitant prices. Here at Luxury Pop, we bring you the chance to make that wish come true!

We make the process of buying and selling pre-loved brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. easy and secure. You can be sure that they are genuine and in top condition. If the item is not authentic, we promise you a 100% refund.


Give your wardrobe a second chance. Our buyers’ community is always looking out for exclusive, timeless, trendy designer pieces to choose from. We try and sell as soon as possible ranging from a minute to a few months. We transfer the payment to your account as soon as the buyer confirms the purchase and use the money to buy a new treasure. The more you sell, the more you earn and the more you help conserve the environment.