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How does Luxurypop authenticate ?

We understand your concern for authenticity while buying a preowned luxury bag online. That is why we place utmost importance on the authenticity of any item that’s listed on our site.

Our in-house team and founder has been into collecting luxury bags for over 10 years and been in this business since 2016. We at Luxurypop are obsessed with luxury items and authenticity is our topmost priority.

We follow a basic in-house procedure for every item that’s comes at the Luxurypop office for selling.

  1. Feel the exterior leather and material of the item. We closely look at the material and hardware and its engravings to judge its authenticity.
  2. Stitching is looked into with details. Counterfeit items don’t have uniform stitching and there are loose threads at places.
  3. Depending upon the model, most hardware and zippers have the logo engraved.
  4. Stamping and logo is inspected closely to check its engraving and uniformity in fonts and symmetry.
  5. The authenticity code is inspected to know if its model and manufacturing year and compared with its previous on board models.

Lastly the item is re verified by our authentication partner company Real Authentication. They inspect all the above details and finally pass the product as authentic/inauthentic.
To get a verified certificate by them, you can avail of the same by paying rs 2000 . It helps in resell of the item in the future.

*We are not authorised resellers for the brands we sell. We are a registered company providing platform to resell your used luxury items in the best condition possible.

All products offered through our preloved market business are sold in their current condition and are not accompanied by any warranties, whether express or implied. While we meticulously verify the authenticity of each product, we do not provide any warranties regarding the performance, functionality, or durability of the items. Buyers acknowledge and understand that they are purchasing preloved products “as-is.